The Cooperative

The Oro Verde Cooperative is an aymara group of producers, dedicated to the production and commercialization of oregano. Their crops are located in the precordillera of Putre, in the north of Chile. 

This cooperative began to take form in 2016 and was established as such on September 4, 2017. It is characterized for applying organic production techniques, functions under the Fair Trade modality and certifies the quality of the oregano that is cultivated in the precordillera of Putre. 


Oro Verde is an aymara agrarian cooperative of the precodillera of Putre, dedicated to produce and commercialize oregano and other andean agro-industrial products, applying organic production techniques and Fair Trade, in order to ensure the satisfaction of its customers and collaborators. 


The Oro Verde cooperative will lead the business activity of production and sustainable commercialization of oregano from clean agriculture of the precordillera of Putre, offering the best alternative and commercial stability for its associates through an inclusive agro-industrial model, sustainable and with high exportation standards. 

Oregano in the precordillera of Chile

The commune of Putre belongs to the region of Arica and Parinacota, in the far north of Chile. In the precordilleran area of the commune, which comprehends heights going from the 2000 meters above sea level to the 3500 meters above sea level, is where small aymara towns of kind and hardworking people appear in the hill slopes, where the oregano is produced since the arrival of spanish people.

Because of the ancestral practices of the people that live in the area, the agroecological features of the place, added to the fact that they are produced on terraces of pre-hispanic origin on the slopes of the hills, oregano is obtained, being this a product of premium and gourmet qualities.

Fragant aroma and inigualable flavor

An ancestral taste to enjoy in family.

Oro Verde Oregano

The essential qualities of the oregano of the precordillera of Putre are its fragrant aroma, its incomparable flavor added to an intense green color. All of this is the result of a series of production processes with ancestral characteristics, which have been passed from generation to generation. These types of ancestral practices are sustainable with the environment, so the oregano produced has an exceptional quality. The Oregano of the precordillera de Putre is the faithful reflection of the respect and the work of a culture, of a people towards Pachamama, customs and traditions, which refuse to disappear.

The Oregano of the precordillera de Putre is the faithful reflection of the respect and the work of a culture, of a people towards Pachamama, customs and traditions, which refuse to disappear.

Our certifications

Geographical Indications

In 2016, the Instituto Nacional de Propiedad Intelectual (INAPI) granted the Geographical Indication and Seal of Origin to the oregano of the precordillera of Putre, which certifies this oregano can only be produced in the precordillera, specifically in the localities of Putre, Socoroma, Zapahuira, Murmuntani, Chapiquiña, Belén, Lupica, Saxamar and Ticnamar, all of them located in the commune of Putre.
de la comuna de Putre

Fair Trade

On February of 2020, the Fair Trade certification is granted, a seal of guarantee of the product that certifies the fulfillment of the Fair Trade standards stablished by Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO). sello de garantía de producto que certifica el cumplimiento de los estándares de comercio justo establecidos por Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO).

Fair Trade is a worldwide movement conformed by a diverse network of producers, companies, buyers, defenders and organizations, which have the purpose of creating an equitable and fair commercial model. movimiento mundial integrado por una diversa red de productores, empresas, compradores, defensores y organizaciones, cuyo finconsiste en crear un modelo comercial más justo y equitativo.